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About Siegel Family Endowment

Our mission is to understand and shape the impact of technology on society. We drive progress towards achieving that mission by supporting organizations who do work at the intersections of three interest areas, and through partnerships that are designed to seek answers to the following inquiry questions:



How can we reframe infrastructure to ensure that all people are able to participate in, contribute to, and thrive in an evolving society?



How does the structure, content, and pedagogy of the education system need to change in order to best equip learners to contribute to and advance society?



How do we create access to opportunity, foster persistence, and enable pathways to upward mobility within an ever-changing economy?

Siegel Family Endowment employs an inquiry-driven approach to grantmaking that is informed by the scientific method, and predicated on the belief that philanthropy is uniquely positioned to develop answers to some of the most pressing and complex questions facing society today.

Our iterative approach to grantmaking is inspired by the scientific method, and grounded in our Founder and Chairman David Siegel’s professional and academic background as a computer scientist. We believe that philanthropy shouldn’t presume to have all the answers to solving tough social issues, but know that we are uniquely positioned to convene the right partners and gather diverse insights in order to better understand the challenges we face as a society.

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