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We have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the future.

The United States needs to act if it’s going to turn the tide on its most pressing issues, including racial and wealth inequality, climate change, and social cohesion. There’s never been a better time for big ideas and bold solutions.

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At Siegel Family Endowment, we take an inquiry-based approach and know that our findings are only the beginning of the conversation. We welcome your feedback to this whitepaper, and are always looking for new ways to advance this work.


If you conduct research that relates to this concept, we would love to hear from you and amplify your work through our channels.


If you run a social impact organization, tell us how you’re implementing multidimensional infrastructure systems in your work.


If you serve in any level of government and are interested in enacting some of these ideas, please get in touch with us to share more about your process.


If you have resources relevant to our multidimensional approach (such as reports, frameworks, data-based evidence, or case studies), please share them with us.

Please email us at [email protected], or contact us using the form below.

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Vote and participate in local civic processes

Use the resources below to check your voter registration and learn about elections at all levels of government.

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Engage on the issues you care about

Find the issues that you care about and engage with the legislative process by signing petitions, responding to requests for comment on legislation, and participating in public-input hearings. Explore resources on important multidimensional infrastructure topics from trusted partners using the resources below.

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